Skills New

Standing Tuck

Round Off




Back Handspring

Athletic Stance


Single Wing

Double Wing

Back Stretch

Back Roller

Rubber Bands

Wall Split

Shoulder Stretches

Rubberband Stretch

Resistance Leg Lifts

Reach Back Splits

Whip 1 1/2 Through to Whip Double

Toe Full

Standing Full Hand Double

Standing Full

Onodi Through to Full

Hurdler Toe Full

Hand Whip Double Double

Hand Hand Whip Double

Hand Hand Full Double

Hand Hand Double Double

Hand Double

Full Arabian Through to Whip Double


Front Walkover

Front Tuck

Front Through to Double

Front Though to Whip Double Though to Double Double

Double Through to Full Double

Double Through to Double

Double Full

1 1/2 Through to Double

Water Bottles

Tumbling Up Hill

Training Bra

Toes Up Back Tuck

Toes Up Back Handspring

Three Step Back Tuck

Swing & Jump

Slow Motion Back Handspring

Rubber Bands

Rubber Band Back Tucks

Rubber Band Back Handsprings

Rubber Band Ankles

Round-Off Up Hill

Rocket Back Tuck

Reach Backs

Push Aways

Perfect Round-Off

Lunge Up & Over

Liberty Fall Forward

Legs Up & Over

Jump Hurdle Snap Over

Jump Hurdle Reach Over

Jump Backs

Hand Stand Snap Downs

Hand Hand Up Hill

Football Neck

Fast Arms

Cheese Tuck


Back Tuck Kick Drill

Back Roller

Back Limber

Arms Up & Over

Arms & Legs Up & Over

Wood Choppers

Wall Sit

Wall Crunch


Superman Lifts

Straddle Snap Down

Straddle Lifts

Step Ups

Squat Jumps

Side V-Ups

Side Plank

Side Lunges


Rubber Bands

Rubber Band Leg Work




Prone Hold Bent Leg Lifts

Prone Hold

Power Skips

Pike Lifts

Partner Push Legs

Partner Extensions

Over Stretch

Out in Front

Medicine Ball Lifts

Long Jumps

Leg Lifts

Layout & Full


Jump Ups

Injury Workout

Hurdler Lifts

Hollow Hold

Hip Lifts

Head to Toe

Hamstring Push Ups

Hamstring Lifts

Hamstring Curls

Glute & Hamstring


Front Leg Lifts

Front Heel Stretch



Flex Feet

Flat Bent Leg Lifts with Rubber Bands

Fire Hydrants

Double Power Skip

Depth/Death Jump

Dead Lifts

Dead Bug



Core Baker’s Dozen

Candlesticks Single Leg

Candlestick Tuck Jump

Candlestick Lever Down

Calf Raises

Bent Leg Lifts

Arrow Lifts

Around the World

Athletic Stance

Hand Hand Up Hill

Rubberband Stretch

Back Walk Over

Balls, Bands, Body Weight & Balance