Core Baker’s Dozen

  1. Prone hold (60 seconds) on floor/on ball/with 1 leg up.
  2. Side planks (30 seconds on each side) on floor/on ball.
  3. Superman (6 for 10 seconds)
  4. On hands and knees (3/30 seconds each on both sides) alternate arm to side and leg straight out, engage core.
  5. Ball crunches (2/20)
  6. Lie on back, knees bent hip width apart, put hands underneath lower back curve and press belly button while rolling hips under (5/20 seconds). This is core engagement.
  7. Hamstring pulls on ball (2/10).
  8. Leg curls with or without rubber bands while standing up (2/20 on each leg).
  9. Wood choppers with medicine ball (2/10 each side).
  10. Reverse sit ups (head or legs off edge of raised surface).
  11. Straight body hamstring lifts (30).
  12. Any balance exercises – move from 2 foot to 1 foot to soft surface to unstable surface to eyes closed.
  13. Airplane exercises (5 to each side on each leg).