For The Love of Tumbling

For the “Love” of Tumbling

This book is written as a labor of love for all those athletes whom I have worked with over the last 40 years and those coaches who want it in writing. We will start with the very basic skills and continue to the crazy skills that are performed in level 5 routines. I have tried to select the skills that I feel are most important and make them as simple as possible.

A DVD is sold with this manual. It contains examples of each skill as well as wrong and right technique. Conditioning for each skill and drills are located at the end of the book as well as illustrated in the DVD.

  • Book & DVD – $30
  • Book Only – $30
  • DVD Only – $30
Beyond the Body

Beyond the Body – A Guide to Physical and Mental Strength for Cheerleading

With the increasing skill level and competitiveness of cheerleading programs over the last few years, our sport has an increasing need for physical and mental conditioning in the gym. So what is the definition of a conditioned cheerleader and why should we spend time working toward this state of “Conditioning”? A conditioned athlete is one who is barely winded after a routine, one who is rarely injured or sick, and one who can perform all the components of cheerleading (flying, basing, jumping, tumbling and dance) making a versatile cheerleader who can fill in at any position needed during the routine. Conditioning is the basis upon which all of our cheerleading skills are developed. This program is written specifically with cheerleading in mind. It has been developed for use as a three times a week hour long separate conditioning program, or as a twenty minute pre-practice program. Both of these will give results and should be used according to the season, specific needs, and skill level at which your athletes are training. Along with his manual you have a DVD which will show most of the exercises in detail and the technique to use while performing them. Keeping your needs in mind, design your program and be consistent with it even during competition season. Have fun watching your athletes grow and mature into strong and fit cheerleaders.

  • Book & DVD – $30
  • Book Only – $20
  • DVD Only – $20
The WE in Team

The “WE” in Team

Welcome to the world of mind control- Sports Psychology. Sports Psychology is a branch of science which deals with how normal athletes deal with abnormal situations such as stress, anxiety, comparison of each other, and fear of failure. Our sport of cheerleading is very abnormal. We throw people up in the air and must trust that the athletes on the ground will catch them. We throw ourselves backwards and hope we land on our feet. yes we are a little crazy. So how do we deal with these stresses. This workbook gives you a week by week study guide to train your mind so it is well equipped to deal with the stresses that are presented to us everyday. Remember that athletes have three basic needs: to be a part of a group, to have a positive environment, and to be loved without any strings attached. We as adults must help provide this for our athletes.

  • Book – $30
Universal Rubber Bands

Universal Rubber Bands

With one bag of rubber bands you can create more than 50 conditioning, tumbling, and stretching drills. The uses of the rubber bands are endless! From toe touches and full ups to round-offs and heel stretches, the rubber bands make a great tool that is beneficial to all athletes. Im currently working on a book with a list of all the uses of the rubber bands but if you would like to email me I am more than happy to send you a list of exercises and drills.

Stretching Band 3

Stretching Bands

The stretching band is a great way to increase the flexibility in athletes of all ages, skill level, or flexibility ability. We use a stretching band in every flyer and tumbling class in our gym.