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Uses of Rubber Bands

Three new pages were added that list Conditioning, Drills, and Stretching with Rubber Bands. Conditioning with Rubber Bands Drills with Rubber Bands Stretching with Rubber Bands

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I Land on My Toes in My Back Tuck and Fall Forwards

This is usually the result of a slow arm swing. You can get some rubber bands and put 5 together. Slip one of each of the 2 sets of rubber bands around your shoe then with wrists down pull each of them up to your ears very quickly . This will increase your arm swing....

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How Do I Do a Full?

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure your layout is near perfect with a straight body and your arms go up Then you can do a couple of drills. One is to lie down on the floor and turn a 1/4 turn in a nice tight body with your core engaged ( pull the...

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How Do I Get My Legs Straight in My Back Handspring?

First make sure you are following the right steps. Sit then swing your arms to your ears and then jump into the back handspring. Any other order will not allow you to push completely through your toes and get straight legs. The other common problem is your knees come...

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My Double Doesn’t Get All the Way Around

This is a common problem. Check a few things to see what the problem is. First make sure the round off is long and low to the ground with the lunge lever and turn all moving forward. The toe in the front lunge leg must be directly under the knee and the lunge should...

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Help! I’m A Cheer Parent!

Cheerleader Parent Handbook Have you ever thought to yourself “Help! I’m a Cheer Parent!”? I am sure every parent of a child in cheerleading has thought these words. To find the best solutions, we probably should run as quickly as possible to a psychologist. In any...

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“Breaking Free”

The mental block is one of the most frustrating situations for both the athlete and the coach. Blocks are created by many factors. Sometimes a child who is young and has learned very quickly with no fear will realize, “Hey, I can get hurt.” When this happens, they...

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Hyperextended Jumps

Hyperextended Jumps are a result of a combination of characteristics: First the athlete must be dynamically flexible enough. This means they must be able to lift their legs up on their own. Doing straddle lifts, pike lifts,hurdler lifts, and leg lifts will help this....

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Types of Twisting

There are three specific types of twisting used. Two of which I feel are not efficient for multiple twisting. Twisting in itself is a very complicated process. The arms, especially for girls are used for setting the layout. Without sufficient lift, there may not be...

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