There are three specific types of twisting used. Two of which I feel are not efficient for multiple twisting. Twisting in itself is a very complicated process. The arms, especially for girls are used for setting the layout. Without sufficient lift, there may not be enough airtime to complete the twisting action. So the first initial movement of the arms is to fully lift and extend the arms up by the ears and lift into the layout. The twist is first initiated by shortening one side. Usually this is done by pulling one arm lower and/or sooner than the other one. This can also be accomplished by arching to one side but since we want one solid body in our twisting this should not be overdone.

As The arms come in they make a slight circle out and snap into a hug position as you snap your head in the same direction. This increases the speed and efficiency of your spin. To open up just release the arms and stick.

There are other types of twisting

This one is called the tilt twist. It creates the best motion for sustained twisting. Another type is the cat twist. This is where one part of the body twists then the other part in the opposite directions until you land. The third is a hula hoop twist. This uses the hips in a conical fashion to initiate and complete twists.