Front Tuck

Front Tuck/ Punch Front

To perform a punch front you will take two or more steps and then take a long quick step like an assemble in dance, feet in front of your body with shoulders, head and arms stretched backwards in a long tight arch. The hips and hamstrings must be squeezed together to promote the heel drive needed for the tuck. As you punch the floor with your feet in front of your head and shoulders you drive yours heels over your head using your hamstrings, your hands may grab the tops of the knee area to enhance lateral rotation as the knees come over the head. As you begin to see the floor on the other side you may open the tuck and set your feet on the ground as in the forward roll.

You may change the position of your legs to a pike instead of driving your heels over you drive your glutes over first, in a pike. As in all front tumbling the chest area is open and chin is neutral. Arm position is arms covering ears and shoulders stretched in a tight arch. There is no arching of the lower back in any tumbling skills so engage that core at all times.

Front Tuck Step Out

To step out of a front tuck you must first punch correctly so the skill goes up and then as you see the ground on the other side you will step out with a lunge and pull arms by ears so you can execute the next skill, usually a round off.