This skill must be preceded by a near perfect layout. To do a full the athlete must first know how to twist. All that is required to twist is to turn your head and keep the body tight and stretched so every power center is engaged. The body must turn as one unit with opposite hamstring and shoulder together leading the twist. The middle of your body is completely engaged- bellybutton pulled in and up. As you turn your head look to the back wall and then spot the floor for the landing.

The arms can pull either straight across the body or use the wrist grab technique. Pull the twist side arm straight down with elbow bent. Then the other arm pulls down at a right angle to the twist arm. The pull for the full occurs close to the point where the athletes body is upside down. This insures that the layout has been accomplished first, then they can twist. If you twist early you have to pike down to get your body over. This endangers your body for injuries. All lateral flipping should be initiated before twisting.