Upper Body

  • Handstand push-ups against wall, 2×10
  • Tricep dips on edge of bed 2×50
  • Prone hold, 2×1 min.
  • Arm circles (arms tight, circling quickly and controlled) 100 forward and backward
  • Push-ups- arms in, regular, wide, Hershey kiss (with butt in air) 2×20

Mid Body

  • Lever downs (hold on to bed post? and slowly lever down keeping butt tight, and a straight body shape) 2×10
  • Bicycles 2×1 min.
  • Shot guns 2×50
  • Hollow holds 2×45 seconds
  • Arch ups (lay on stomach, slowly lift with control) 2×50
  • Lay on stomach, lift to arch position and hold 2×1 min.

Lower Body

  • Wall sits 2×1 min.
  • Leg squats (both legs together, and legs in second position, keeping knees behind ankles) 2×25 each way
  • Hamstring push-ups (place feet under steady object, keeping butt tight slowly lever down, push up, and return up with a tight straight body) 2×10
  • Alternating leg lunges 4×20
  • Toe raises (hang heels off of ledge, slowly lift up and down keeping ankles together) 2×50

Do all this conditioning slowly and controlled, doing it fast and jerky will cause injury or weakness. Focus on the body part being conditioned as you perform these exercises and be sure to do the entire amount in each rep at one time (ie. Do 2×25, not 5×10) Lastly, make this fun, turn on music, watch television, and remember that this is to build strength, not to torture you!!!!! Happy conditioning!!!!!