In teaching our goal should be to maximize the potential of each child we teach. In order to accomplish this we must not only be strong in our understanding of technique but in our understanding of the emotional and psychological well-being of our athletes. Therefore we need to teach in a specific way to insure our athletes success.

P. When an athlete performs a skill our first comment should be Praise. We must find something good in the performance of the skill or routine.

I. Secondly, we must then Inform them of their mistakes. I prefer to concentrate on one or two things. It is hard to change any more than that at one time. Make sure the mistakes are concise and you con correct it.

C. Thirdly, we must then Correct the athlete. This is when our responsibility becomes the greatest. We must have the knowledge and tools to make proper corrections. Make sure you understand the skill completely including the strength requirements and technical parts. If you do not know do some research and find out how to fix the problem.

Following these steps will bring us optimum results in our teaching.