In the learning process for any skill we go through three steps. The first step is the Vision Stage. we see a skill and love it and want to accomplish that skill. At this stage you probably won’t do the skill much but you might do drills or exercises to build your body so it will be strong enough to do the skill.

The second step is the Associative Stage. At this point the child will make the connection between their body and the skill. They will be spotted on the skill and continue conditioning and drill work to improve their strength. Many times this is when we allow a child to perform the skill and then go on to the next skill. This is setting them up for failure. You must pass through all three stages to successfully own the skill.

The third step is the Autonomous Stage. When we are thorough in our training both in technique and conditioning a child will own their skill and be able to not only do it by themself but teach others to do the skill. They have complete understanding of the skill.

As we follow these stages for every skill we will have a lot less problems with mental blocks and much more confidence in our ability to perform our skills.