The old way of thinking. Just do a full and keep spinning. This is not physiologically correct.

From the time we learn a found off we are taught to get our feet together at the top of the round off. This way we can snap our body down with feet under us for a back handspring. This is an absolute must for a double full because the back handspring needs to stretch more through the shoulder area to produce a sling shot effect in the handspring so that the feet arrive behind the body yielding a take off into the double from a leaning forward position. This will give you the parabolic lift into your double and gorgeous height. Now one concern the body must be extremely tight upon contact with the ground to receive the desired effect. Even though you are leaning forward everything must be stacked correctly posture wise to obtain maximum power. One drill for this is to do a roundoff back handspring and land tight- fall forward into a push up position.

Single v. Double Angle